Herdon Erika
Jewellery and clothing designer, founder of Héria Enamel
"I create jewellery and other accessories for women who know what they want and are not afraid to wear pieces with character. Determined ladies with a sophisticated attitude. Because I make all my work by hand, I know the confidence that comes from a unique piece that doesn't hide on its owner's wrist or neck. These are products to be worn. “
Founded in 2018, the main profile of the Heria Enamel brand is to give a modern twist to the long forgotten technique of enamel. Initially, Erika focused on jewellery - earrings, necklaces, bracelets - which are characterised by their value and uniqueness. No two pieces of Heria Enamel are alike, which makes the patterns and the harmony of colours of the jewellery, which resemble paintings, even more special in the eyes of the customers.
"I want to show the miniature nuances and details of the painted jewellery. This is the story of the current 'HE Composition' collection, which has expanded the brand's offer with women's clothing and accessories."
In 2020, Heria Enamel has expanded its collection with bags and garments that evoke the patterns and colours of fire enamel, styled with clean, minimalist lines. There are no rules in the design process, each creation is unique and unrepeatable.
Heria Enamel represents uniqueness and value.
2018 - The brand is established, the first collection of enamel jewellery arrives
2019 - The brand makes its debut at International Jewellery London, one of the world's most prestigious international jewellery exhibitions
2020 - Opening of the Heria Enamel studio in Budapest
2021 - The Héria Enamel maxi skirt is the winner of the Marie Claire Fashion Awards
2021 - Paulay De Lucca's Jewellery Trendbook features Generation No.1 collection

2022 - Bence Csalár features Héria Enamel in The Sustainable Fashion Handbook for the brand's sustainability features

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